3M™ Kiosk Full Page Reader

3M™ Kiosk Full Page ReaderThere are three types of 3M™ Kiosk Full Page Reader’s:

1. 3M™ Kiosk ePassport Reader
2. 3M™ Kiosk Full Page Reader with the Bezel
3. 3M™ Kiosk Full Page Reader without the Bezel

The 3M™ Kiosk Full Page Reader is used to inspect and image travel documents, including biometrically enabled travel documents containing contactless integrated circuits (IC). The reader can scan and access data contained in ICs regardless of their location within the document. The reader’s low profile makes it ideal for integration with self-serve type kiosks such as expedited traveller’s gates at airports.

Key Standard Features & Functionality

  • Multiple document reading and imaging capability – imaging in 24-bit color
  • OCR data capture
  • Rapid multi-wavelength illumination – visible, UV and IR
  • Contactless IC reading capability ISO 14443 Type A and Type B ICs
  • Auto-triggering of document capture – presence of document is automatically sensed
  • Provides complete access to all OCR data and images captured via SDK
  • Enables images to be accessed as BMP or JPEG format
  • Provides remote access via TCP/IP protocols
  • Windows® 2000-SP4, Windows® XP, Windows Vista® or Windows® 7 compatible
  • Integrated USB 2.0 Hub – 2 ports for external peripherals (3 track magnetic strip reader, 2D barcode gun)
  • Rear panel status indicators and connector
  • Durable metal frame construction
  • Carbon (optional) glass coating to help reduce scanning surface scratching
  • No moving parts

Download the 3M™ Kiosk Full Page Reader product brochure