3M™ KR9000 Full Page Reader

3M KR9000 Full Page Reader
  • Inspect and image travel documents
  • Low profile for easy integration into self service terminals
  • Support for biometrically enabled travel documents
  • Accurate, true-colour images
  • Patented Anti Glare technology

Ideal for the travel industry
The 3M KR9000 Full Page Reader is used to inspect and image travel documents, including electronic travel documents and 1D and 2D barcodes used by the airline industry on boarding passes. The reader's low profile and simple shape make it ideal for integration with self-service kiosks, counters and eGates at airports and other locations such as railway terminals. The flat top, no hood design makes document and mobile phone placement very easy for untrained users in a self-service environment.

Key Features
Powered directly from USB or external power supply, the KR9000 provides multiple document reading and imaging in 400 DPI high resolution, 24-bit colour, using true-colour image matching. Multiple wavelength illumination is used to verify the document, whilst OCR data capture is supported and accessed via a complete Software Development Kit. The KR9000 has been developed to operate with and without a hood in most environments allowing for the use of phones and thick documents. An auto triggering function detects the presence of a document and automates the document capture process, providing images in BMP, PNG or JPEG formats.

Comprehensive Software Features
A flexible software interface allows host application to select which illumination sources to use, image type, compression, photo extraction, reflection or ambient light elimination, colour enhancement, etc. A simple high level API for quick program development or detailed low level API for fine control of all reader functions is also available. Contactless or contact IC reading for ePassports (LDS 1.7) is supported, and a full SDK including DLLs, code examples and utilities is also available.

Reading Capability
The KR9000 Full page reader can read the following:

  • ICAO compliant documents in near infrared (IR) per ICAO 9303 specification
  • ISO 14443 Type A and B contactless ICs at 13.56 MHz (optional)
  • 1D barcodes (2 of 5 interleaved, 2 of 5 industrial, Code 128 and Code 39)
  • 2D barcodes (PDF417, QR, DataMatrix and Aztec formats) from paper documents and some mobile devices.

Download the 3M™ KR9000 Full Page Reader product brochure